2018 Legislative Committee

2018 MTC Legislative Committee Policy

  1. The committee’s purposes are determining the legislative priorities of the corporation, developing strategies to achieve those priorities, evaluating proposed federal, state, and local legislation, and then recommending whether the corporation should support, oppose, and/or take additional action on said legislation.
  2. The Second Vice Chair of the corporation shall act as the chair of the Legislative Committee, unless the board sees fit to designate a different board member.
  3. Legislative Committee voting membership shall consist of three (3) association representatives, three (3) DMO/Chamber of Commerce representatives, and three (3) at large representatives, as well as the committee chair and board chair. A representative from the Maryland Office of Tourism, the corporation’s lobbying firm, and the corporation’s Executive Director shall serve in an advisory, non-voting capacity. All committee members must also be members of the corporation in good standing.
  4. Decisions on legislative action to be taken by the corporation will be decided by a majority vote of the committee members after discussion and careful consideration. Other corporation members may attend meetings and contribute to discussion, but will not be permitted to vote.
  5. The Legislative Committee will convene year-round from time to time, and weekly during the 90-day session of the Maryland General Assembly, either in person or via conference call. Conference calls will be open to all MTC members.


2018 Committee Membership

  • Chris Riehl – Baltimore Rent-A-Tour (Chair)
  • Michael Haynie – Maryland Center for Hospitality Training (MTC Chair)
  • Allison Burr-Livingstone/Kimberly Rouston – Visit Baltimore (DMO/Chamber)
  • Lisa Challenger, MDMO – OPEN (Prof. Assoc.)
  • Debbie Gosselin – Watermark Journey (at large)
  • Susan Seifert – Seifert Associates (at large)
  • Allison Burr-Livingstone – Visit Baltimore (DMO/Chamber)
  • Nicole Christian – Garrett Co. Chamber of Commerce (DMO/Chamber)
  • Melanie Pursel – Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce (DMO/Chamber)
  • OPEN  (Prof. Assoc.)
  • Kevin Atticks – Maryland Wineries Association (Prof. Assoc.)
  • Deb Carter – Maryland Association of Campgrounds

Non-Voting Advisory Members

  • Frank Boston – MTC Lobbyist
  • Liz Fitzsimmons – Maryland Office of Tourism

Members in Good Standing can call in every Monday at noon
Call-in # 563-999-1116 Passcode: 669049